" photography is capturing a moment in its magic and beauty as much as telling the story to countless beautiful and magical moments "


inspiration for my work comes primarily from a fascination with the human condition and the strong emotional realm of the individual. since the birth of my own three children I have been drawn to capturing the childhood experience through portraiture, presenting moments of curiosity, joy, wonder and discovery.

a parallel journey takes me into exploring the true essence and beauty of nature. i love to play with the simple elements of our surrounding world. along with reducing a scenery to it's bare minimum always comes a certain clarity of feeling and a sense of truth.

overall i aspire to go deeper, drawing attention to the raw and real, creating emotive imagery and displaying authentic beauty.


clients include:

the insight group, radio mexico, the goethe institute melbourne, third drawer down, zerobites, st kilda park primary school, lawlab, smartlaw, rundl, petlovelove, arcare as well as various private clients in family photography, corporate portraiture and fine art photography.